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President Speech

President Speech

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The company always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "dare to be the first, coexist with Lvyuan", and advocates the enterprise tenet of "serving the society and benefiting the people". Leading employees to serve the public, while focusing on social and environmental benefits, the enterprise has also achieved rapid development and better economic benefits. "Let clear mountains and clear waters, blue sky and white clouds last forever" is the voice of our staff and the driving force of our struggle. We will continue to win more customers' trust and cooperation with "quality for survival, reputation for development"!


The new mixing station of our company is refined propylbutane propellant (propellant), propane (R290) refrigerant and butane foaming agent. It is a new project designed for the national production to replace the internationally banned product Freon. It is a project strongly supported by the national environmental protection, and the "green source" benefits human beings. It is our duty to use green gas and protect the environment. "Qi" Zhuang mountain and river are human beings. "Qi" is beneficial to the whole people. The company is founded on the basis of "Qi", develops on the basis of "Qi", and grows on the basis of "Qi". We are looking forward to working closely with you to make "green source" develop around "environmental protection".


The head office is located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, a young coastal city on the gold coast of China. It is located in the central coastal area of Zhejiang Province and the southernmost wing of Shanghai Economic Zone. Taizhou has developed economy, prosperous market, convenient transportation, advanced communication and convenient import and export trade. Today, Taizhou, with ports, airports, high-speed rail, 104 National Highway, Coastal Expressway, has initially built a three-dimensional transportation system of land, sea and air. Taizhou is a country of culture with a prosperous style of study. The people are honest and the society is stable. The scenery of mountains and seas is beautiful, and there are many places of interest. Education, science and technology are developed, and there are many talents. It is a land of wealth on China's Gold Coast, full of charming charm.


We are a young, energetic, cohesive and highly dedicated group. Here, there are not only management elites with long-term vision, but also scientific research and technical personnel with many years of experience in the field of environmental protection. We are willing to carry out more extensive international exchanges and cooperation with friends at home and abroad with leading technology, first-class equipment and high-quality service, and compose a new chapter of global environmental protection together with people all over the world!




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